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It is meeting the needs of consumers looking for Practical, Rich and Functionally Nutritious food through the production, sale and distribution of frozen fruits and vegetables, both in Chile and in the rest of the world.

We will continuously seek innovation and will work with the highest standards of quality, respecting the environment and providing our employees a pleasant working environment and professional development opportunities.

Achieving the above we will keep our leadership and thus maximize the return on investment of our shareholders.




Alifrut S.A. was founded in 1989, with the aim of exporting frozen vegetables and fruits.

In 1992, the company acquired the plant in Chillan, Anagra International, giving a strong boost to exports.

In 1997 it was decided to enter strongly in the domestic market and acquired Vitafoods (plant in San Fernando) which brand Minuto Verde became the leader at a national level

In 2011 the company acquired the plant in San Carlos, Frisac/keyfoods, which produces vegetables and fruits for the domestic market and exports.

Alifrut today is the company that owns the largest production capacity of frozen vegetables and fruits in Latin America. In addition to the largest cold storage capacity of the country (-18° C).

Alifrut S.A. was the first company and today is the greatest exporter of own brands for Retail in America, Europe and Middle East.

Alimentos y Frutos S.A. has become the company with the largest market share at the national level in this area and is one of the largest exporters in the southern hemisphere.

The aim of Alifrut S.A. is to provide through our products a healthy and practical diet; with products of high nutritional value and excellent quality.




ALIFRUT is a company located in Chile, a country open to the world with a privileged geography and rich nature which you can see in Cordillera de Los Andes and Pacific Ocean.

These barriers provide the cleanest crops of the planet that, on the other hand, are watered with pure water from the mountains or from deep wells. Alifrut S.A. has a wide agricultural department, which supervises and advises our suppliers from purchase of seeds, planting, monitoring, harvesting and subsequent delivery to the plant.

With the support of government agencies we work in Productive Alliances and Supplier Development Programs with our farmers, allowing a permanent training which creates mutual benefits and many of our producers have a BPA certification.

In addition, our infrastructure and processes are designed to provide the best level of service in the industry to our customers. We own the largest fleet of harvester machines and modern trucks, allowing greater efficiency throughout the production process.



Logistics and Distribution

Alimentos y Frutos S.A. is proud to be the largest logistics operator of frozen products in the country.


We have a large network of delivery through regional distribution centers throughout Chile, reaching the entire national market, with a 100% presence in different points of sale of frozen foods.

Alifrut S.A., transports the largest number of tons of the domestic industry and has a storage capacity of over 22.000 tons. All our infrastructure and processes are designed to provide the best level of service in the industry to our customers, being a reference to the markets in which we participate.


Over time, Alifrut has become the largest exporter of frozen vegetables and fruits in Chile. As a result of a great international experience, our company handles the exports of our customers covering a wide network of destinations (Asia, Europe, North America, South America), working with the main shipping companies, allowing us to offer an integrated service.

Our plants are located fairly close to the main ports of Chile, as Concepcion Bay for the plants in Chillan and San Carlos, San Antonio and Valparaiso for our plant in Santiago; facilitating and optimizing the logistics and maintenance of the cold chain for each product we dispatch on a daily basis.




Alifrut Santiago plant is mainly involved in the final packaging of the products, with nine automatic packing machines and machines for the packaging of Vegetable Mix. This plant has the latest technology and high-speed packaging machines. It is in Alifrut Santiago where the distribution center is located with modern loading platforms and chambers of – 20° C as a reference with the largest storage capacity of frozen products in the country

Alifrut San Fernando plant is located 130 km south of Santiago. It is specialized in the production of grains, corn, fava beans and peas. Production considers the highest technological standards such as the optical color picker, cleaning by immersion in water and air, as well as sophisticated husker and leaf-cutting equipment. In this plant we have 4 freezing tunnels, being one of them of the greatest capacity in South America, allowing more and better production; reducing at the same time power consumption and improving the product on its delivery. In 2006 Alifrut decided to introduce an innovative liquid industrial waste Plant. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility motivates us standing out at a national level as one of the first companies in the area of sewage treatment.

Alifrut San Carlos plant is located 380 km south of Santiago. It was acquired in 2011 with capacity of producing blueberries and asparagus for export and products like fava beans, peas and green beans for domestic market. It has a large production capacity, it includes in its process lines the latest technology of prestigious international brands. Besides, a modern distribution center is being built with new loading platforms and chambers of -20 °C in order to supply the entire south of the country.

Alifrut Chillán plant is located 400 km. south of Santiago where berries and asparagus are mainly processed. This plant is specialized in the manufacture of export products, with certifications BRC grade “A” by SGS, KOSHER and Organic by BCS.




Wastewater-treatment plant In San Fernando

The wastewater treatment plant allows that water used in our process can be returned to its flow in compliance to current legal regulations.

First and second APL ( acuerdos de producción limpia ) Clean production agreements, Processed food industry

Production plants in San Carlos, Chillan, San Fernando and Santiago have certifications granted by the board of cleaner production in the second APL. San Fernando Plant have certifications in first APL, this certifications are granted due compliance in different environmental aspects and sustainability requirements. Alimentos y Frutos was one of the first companies implementing such certifications.

Sustainability Policy

Alimentos y Frutos S.A, continually seeks to improve its activities evaluating the environmental issues and impacts associated with their operations, preventing pollution, protecting the environment, looking for sustainability of their processes:

– To observe legal regulations applicable and those subscribed voluntarily to environmental issues.

– To Train all members of the company and its suppliers in the care and environmental protection, climate change issues and sustainability of their processes.

– Make an efficient, rational and responsible use of natural resources, energy and water use.

– Searching and implement technological, processing and management solutions to optimize and reduce the use of energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

– Support and prefer the acquisition of energy and hydrically products and efficient services, committed to sustainability.

– Ensure the availability of resources and information necessary to achieve Company goals and objectives.

– Creating and managing GHG inventories for its reduction and mitigation.

Alimentos y Frutos S.A is committed to sustainable development of its operations, without compromising the needs and natural resources and for future generations.

Occupational Safety Policy

Alimentos y Frutos S.A., is concerned a 100 % of physical integrity, health, and welfare of all employees, collaborators, and others who may be compromised during the execution of their operations.

We are also concerned and conscious, on the generation of occupational accidents and diseases. To manage our policy and security of our employees, we focus among others on the following principles:

1.- Give to workers safe environmental an working conditions.

2.- Avoiding work accidents; identifying , evaluating , proposing and implementing control measures, and monitoring of all hazards and risks associated with work activities.

3.- To promote at all levels of the company, a responsible attitude in workers’ health and safety matters.

4.- Obey the Chilean regulations about the prevention of occupational hazards.

5.- Maintain a clear, timely and practicable system of communication with their employees, partners, external agencies and authorities.

Responsibility and compliance with the implementation of these principles and commitments apply to all levels in Company, helping continuously improving safety and occupational health.

Sustainability Indicators

2° Clean Production Agreement of Sustainability Indicators and clean production agreement. These indicators have the objective to show our performance on sustainability issues. Sustainability has several components within these have environmental, social and economic, which are reflected and represented in the following indicators.


Economic Indicator: This index provides information on the variation of production annually.

Environmental Indicator: This indicator reports the generation of waste per ton of finished product.

Social Indicator: This indicator reports the number of hours of staff training.

(Español) Códigos de Conducta

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